Release Notes
Gomoku stones in 0.5.2

The biggest feature added in 0.5.2 is a new visual style for Gomoku pieces.

I have a new game mode in development and I realized it didn’t look right using the current style for pieces. As I started work I decided Gomoku might be improved with its own style too. The result is intended to look more like traditional Gomoku stones.

Game results screen on 0.5
  • Game results screen, complete with trophies.
  • Application settings screen, mainly for disabling some data collection.
4 player Rumble in 0.4 on a tablet
  • Added the first multiplayer focused game mode, Rumble.
  • Made some tablet-specific layout improvements.
  • Tweaked saving to allow creating new saves instead of always overwriting.
  • Add cloud based AI.
Load game screen in 0.3

Just one feature in 0.3, but a significant one. Game saving and loading.

Game selection screen in 0.2
  • Fixed many minor issues with the AI.
  • Added a rematch button.
  • Improved the game selection screen.
  • Added Wikipedia and Creative Command attribution.
  • Added the in-game move history browser.
Game selection in 0.1

Initial release.

  • Tic-tac-toe and Gomoku.
  • Any number of human and/or AI players.
  • Customizable board size and win line size.
  • Overlines, misère and pie rule options.