Release Notes
In progress campaign in 0.10
  • Added single player campaign mode.
  • Renamed the previous game option to “Custom game”.
  • Reworked the home screen “news” element to be more flexible - added campaign to it.
Game selection in 0.9.3
  • Game selection now use the in-game renderer instead of static images.
  • About and Settings have been moved to the toolbar on the home screen.
  • In-game overlay now uses a help a icon.

Just some minor startup improvements.

  • Improved actual startup time by making some things run in parallel that were previously serial.
  • Improved apparent startup time by transitioning from the splash screen to a loading screen sooner.
Load game in 0.9

The game renderer has been massively overhauled, directly leading to the following:

  • New animations for playing pieces for Drop Four and Gomoku.
  • New winline drawing animation.
  • Scrubbing backwards through history now animated.
  • New piece option: filled triangle.
  • Saved games no longer use pre-generated images.

The Easy AI and Hard AI now work with Drop Four. Apparently they were previously getting confused.

Settings in 0.8
  • The game is now simulated on the game setup screen, to give an indicator of each player’s chance of winning.
  • A new option in settings to control whether game simulation happens in the cloud or not.
  • A new option in settings to control whether any cloud features are used.
  • Settings layout cleaned up.
Game setup in 0.7.1
  • Added AI difficulty options.
  • Improved how players’ default names are handled.
  • Made lists of buttons wrap more nicely.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the AI from realising it was playing Chain.
Chain main menu in 0.7
  • A new game variation option I decided to call “chain”. Get an extra turn after completing a line.
  • See what the AI is thinking (when not running in the cloud). This has existed in some form for debugging, but I cleaned it up enough for the public.
Analytics opt-in in 0.6.3

An apparently minor release with lots of changes under the hood, including:

  • Fixed a bunch of layout issues on smaller devices.
  • Fixed the very odd text of the analytics collection warning.
  • Simplified the implementation of some of the layouts to improve performance
Analytics opt-in in 0.6.2

Analytics are now disabled by default and a message briefly explaining why the app would like to collect analytics is now displayed at startup.