Release Notes

The Prime “news item” on the home screen can now be dismissed. This is the first visible part of a wider effort to improve the home screen.

Just a couple of crash fixes:

  • Most importantly, a long standing issue that basically prevented the app from running on versions of Android below 4.3.
  • Additionally a crash affecting some people when saving games.
Stats in 0.12
  • Added stats tracking.
  • Added game “fairness” to the chance-to-win display.
  • Game animation now respects system animation rate value. Most importantly this means animations will be disabled when in battery saver mode.
  • Fixed a hang when in battery saver mode.
  • Improve initial loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue with player setup (and potentially other screens) crashing during rotation.
  • Improved layout of the custom game (previously game selection) screen on tablets.

Added Prime, a paid option to disable ads and gain unlimited skips in campaign.

You can now save a campaign game as a custom game. A feature I added after I wanted to save a particularly interesting game of Drop Three to show someone later, and realised I couldn’t.

  • Skipped campaign levels can now be selected.
  • Skipping a level that has already been skipped no longer requires a rewarded ad view.
  • Fixed a progression issue around “free skips” (Gomoku) in campaign mode.
  • Made the human player go first in campaign misère games.
  • Updated the title of “Game select” to “Custom game”.
In progress campaign in 0.10
  • Added single player campaign mode.
  • Renamed the previous game option to “Custom game”.
  • Reworked the home screen “news” element to be more flexible - added campaign to it.
Game selection in 0.9.3
  • Game selection now use the in-game renderer instead of static images.
  • About and Settings have been moved to the toolbar on the home screen.
  • In-game overlay now uses a help a icon.