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Tic-tac-toe Collection has been in development for nearly a year and the version number is still less than 1.0, suggesting the game is not yet “complete”. Although my intention is to continue updating the game while ever I can think of interesting things to do, there are specific features that I feel are required that are yet to be implemented.

Online multiplayer

Local network multiplayer has been a feature for a while, but online multiplayer has always been my plan. This includes private matches and matchmaking.

Matchmaking in particular has a lot of interesting issues associated with it because of the large number of game options available.

Ultimate Tic-tac-toe

Ultimate Tic-tac-toe is one of the most well known Tic-tac-toe variations that is actually possible to play competitively. As well as the traditional 9×9 grid with the normal rules, my plan would be support various sizes as well as many of the existing game variations as make sense.

One particularly interesting idea would be to support different rules for the inner and outer grids (like each sub grid being misère while the outer grid is not) and perhaps even different rules for each of the grids. The hardest part of this may well be coming with sensible UX for selecting the options and then communicating them in-game.

Other game variations

There are other game variations I’ve had in mind since I first started. These are probably not absolutely required for 1.0.

As with Ultimate Tic-tac-toe the aim would be to support as many variations as possible.

Multi round matches

Simple best-of-n setups, as well just an ongoing match that keeps track of the score as you keep playing games.

Time limits

A simple time limit per move as well as a chess clock option.

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